Self-driving-carUntil few years ago was simply unimaginable thinking about a self driving car, which means a car without need of a driver. Today those type of cars are still on their prehistoric age, we are seeing the first prototypes but sometimes there are some problems and accidents.

Anyhow, is easy to predict a future when the self driving car will be the norm. According to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, the fatidic date is 2035: only twenty years away to see a self driving car as a standard. Musk said “all cars will go fully autonomous in the future and cars without this possibility will be quite unusual”.

Other companies than Tesla are experimenting those cars driver-free: Google and Apple among all. The giant Mountain View search engine create a dedicated website to the stuff, explaining why self-driving cars matter: imagine if everyone could go easily and safely, imagine if car accident (caused for the 94% of times by human errors) will be reduced dramatically, image if you can do everything (or almonst) you want while you are on board, imagine the opportunity to look at the landscape while going to any destination. All of these is possible thanks to self driving car.

How do they work? Basically, driver-free cars have special sensors designed to detect objects all around, including monuments, houses, persons, animals, rogue birds and fluttering plastic bags, all the genre that can cause peril while driving.

Also Apple is said to be testing self driving cars and, according to Forbes, the company founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, can succeed.

Now, the question is: will this type of cars still necessitate of humans? We will be able to still control the car? The response to this question is, currently, yes we will.

In our opinion is still fundamental the presence of a human around the car (and on board, in case of any problem while driving). Just imagine a car that will go alone to a mechanic for the annual oil change, or to change brakes and pads, or even to change tyres after some thousand miles. Well, the car may know exactly when all of those jobs need to be done, but it will never be able to help the owner to choose for the best spare part: one type of oil instead of another one, the best tire among tire promotions and so on, those are the type of things a man should always decide on.